Spring resume start running

  • By Mary J. Young
  • January 8, 2019
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The sun and the higher temperatures are great motivations to return to sport. Although there are some people who also did not avoid physical activity in winter, they are among you confident and those who are beginning their adventure with training. We would like to tell you what opportunities the spring aura offers you! It’s not worth sitting at home, it’s time to go outdoors.
It seems that to start or return to running, it is enough to be determined and motivated. However, you need to have at least basic knowledge about training. The first rule, of course, is to provide a warm-up. It is the lack of this that often causes the onset of injuries, which can lead to serious injuries.
Remember that running every day is not the best idea – only experienced runners can do it. Beginners and those returning to sport should run with a 2-3 day break to give the body time to properly regenerate after exercise.
Do not impose too long a distance on you. This may result not only in painful acidification, but also in later health problems.
It is also important to choose a cross-country route. Demanding terrain with a lot of hills or unevenness is an option for experienced athletes. Starting your activity may mean choosing city cross-country trails. However, after some time we recommend that you choose a natural substrate so as not to overburden your joints and Achilles.
The runner’s equipment is primarily a bottle of water – take it with you, especially during training on a sunny day.
Running clothes should be of the best quality. Of course, you can run even in a tracksuit and an ordinary T-shirt. However, it will not be comfortable at all. It is important that sweat is properly passed through things. Clothing for runners, contrary to popular opinion, does not have to be expensive at all. Just browse the clothes from to see that the excellent quality of the products does not mean their very high prices.

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