Skip tracing what is it like and how it can help you recover your claim

  • By David Molnar
  • February 10, 2018
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There is probably no entrepreneur who would like to deal with debtors. Recovery is very difficult and stressful, especially in the US, where respect for court rulings is often a fiction. Creditors have a lot of tools to put pressure on the debtor: they can send reminders and letters of formal notice, use the help of a debt collection agency or file a lawsuit. However, what if the debtor … disappears and has no contact with him? Then skip tracing can be very useful. What is it about?
What is skip tracing?
Skip tracing is a term from the British Isles. This method involves determining the contact details or whereabouts of the debtor in a situation where he has fallen underground. In the UK, skip tracing is used by companies as well as by individuals and tax administrations, including tax authorities.
It is worth knowing
Skip tracing is named after the English term skip town, which means leaving the city.
The method is very effective because skip tracing is carried out by specialized companies, often detective. They use all legitimate methods to find debtors.
What are these methods?
In the 21st century, it is practically impossible to hide completely from the world. The Internet is, of course, the most important tool for skip tracing companies. Experts search the search engine for any traces left by the debtor. Social media are particularly helpful. Debtors do not suspect that creditors may look for them on Facebook or Instagram, so as if they never publish anything about photos and entries betraying their place of residence.
Specialist skip tracing companies also use all popular detective methods, i.e. they ask their friends, contractors, family or former employees of the debtor. They use monitoring records, bank data or police records (as a rule, they obtain this information only by methods they know).
The most valuable achievement in the skip tracing process is always the current telephone number of the debtor – having it you can not only determine the place of residence, but also provide the number to the bailiff or law enforcement authorities. Debtors sometimes unreasonably disclose their numbers themselves. It is enough for them to publish an advertisement on the auction portal, e.g. for the sale of a car. Skip tracing experts will catch it for sure.
Targeting the debtor is often half the story when it comes to recovering the debt. That’s why skip tracing is becoming more and more popular in the USA and companies offering such services are constantly increasing.

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