Mini isn’t just for models As you wear a short skirt despite the visible defects of the figure

  • By Mary J. Young
  • December 25, 2016
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You certainly have such moments when you would like to put on something more sexy, feminine. But it’s quick to get through to you, because you remember that you don’t have a model’s figure and in too brave a style you could look funny or just bad. However, the black scenario does not have to come true at all. Just a few stylistic tricks are enough to easily divert your attention from your imperfections and feel great even in a mini skirt. Don’t believe it? Read our guide!
If you have short legs
It is commonly believed that the mini skirt is reserved only for long-legged girls. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everything is a matter of optics, and you can easily change it. Simply put on the striking pins on your high, thin heels. They make your legs look longer right away. The combination of pins and mini is timelessly sexy. Remember, however, never to combine a mini skirt with slippers or sandals tied around the ankle – such shoes optically shorten your legs very much.
If you are overweight
The generous legs, especially the thighs, really do not look very good in combination with the mini. However, this can also be dealt with. First: the right shoes. Here again we recommend the high heeled pins that will smear your calves. Secondly: tights. They should be black or at least dark. It is clear from this that slightly heavier ladies should wear the mini rather in the autumn-winter season, possibly in early spring.
But if you feel bad about the mini skirt and can’t help feeling that everyone is paying attention to your abundant thighs, just don’t wear it.
If you have stretch marks and varicose veins
You can easily hide them under dark tights or leggings. Nobody said that the mini should be worn only in combination with naked legs. If you’re creating a looser, more sporty look, then in the summer you can easily reach for thin leggings. In winter and autumn your allies will be tights.
If you are quite low
Mini is the perfect choice for you! It is a myth that only tall ladies look good in a mini skirt. Low women can and should also wear these clothes. Mini visually lengthens the figure. Of course, don’t forget about the right footwear (pins!) and clever colour combinations. If you have a beautiful waist, add a stripe to it. You’ll seem taller right away.

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