Men’s fashion what’s worth wearing this season

  • By Mary J. Young
  • June 2, 2018
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Only several decades ago almost every man whom I met on the street looked the same, similar jackets, shoes, and even hats. And there was only one suit hanging in the wardrobe, which was worn in church and on the occasion of family celebrations. Anyway, at that time it was believed that a man should mainly work a lot, and not focus on the external appearance. Fortunately, a lot has changed and more and more men pay attention to their appearance. However, unlike women, they are looking for clothing that is not only fashionable, but also comfortable and functional. This season it is worth betting on elegant hairstyles, which are perfect for work with dress codes. Rock styles with Ramon and double-row coats and jackets are also fashionable. Slim fit men’s shirts are an absolute must this season.
Slim fit – the trendiest design
Currently, the most fashionable is slim fit clothing, which is very well suited. These include trousers, shirts and jackets, which are very close to the body. At the beginning of this trend was treated with caution, now this style is established in fashion. However, he emphasizes every imperfection of the body, so men who are struggling with overweight should not opt for this fashion. Clothes that judge the body emphasize the extra pounds, which does not necessarily look good. Of course, you don’t need to be a model to wear a slim fit, but it’s a good idea to wear it moderately. It is an excellent choice for people with proportional silhouette.
Slim fit men’s shirts – ideal for many styles
Fashionable slim fit men’s shirts are the basis for many hairstyles. The body-recognising models perfectly emphasize the wide male arms and waist. That’s why slim fit men’s shirts should be permanently housed in the wardrobe. They are available in a variety of colors ranging from classic and timeless white through grays and pomegranates. You can also opt for bolder roses and greenery. Fashionable slim fit men’s shirts are ideal for elegant styles. They are ideal for straight trousers in the cantroas. You can choose between a single-button jacket or a double-breasted model. If you work in a bank or an office, a tie is perfect for such a shirt. On the other hand, when going for an elegant family celebration, it is worth putting on a midge. This style can also be worn in an opera or theatre. If you want to add a touch of nonchalance instead of a jacket, wear a Ramonica jacket. Such contrasting connections are now very fashionable. You can put on a tiled shirt every day, but instead of elegant trousers you can put on jeans. This gives you a casual look. If you want to always look fashionable, even when shopping, or going to the cinema, it is worth to opt for a sports shirt. Grid models such as red or blue are very popular, as they are the basis for many hairstyles. They fit not only jeans, but also chinos and baggies.
Which material should I use to choose my men’s shirt?
Of course, even the best cut shirt may not look good if made from a poor quality material. For it is he who is largely responsible for how it looks. It is worth to decide on a poppin, i.e. simply classic cotton. It is a relatively strong material which does not stretch or shrink under the influence of washing. You can also choose a twill model that creases less, so ironing isn’t a hassle. In case of casual shirts it is worth to bet on oxford, which refers to the aesthetics of preppy. At very high temperatures, you can bet on the pin point fabric, which is better air-permeable and is also much thinner.
Long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt?
Long-sleeved shirts are timeless and fit almost anything. But what if it’s hot? Wrapping up your sleeves will not help much. And yet we won’t put on a boxer or T-shirt if we go for business dinner. Well, in such a situation, you can opt for a short-sleeved shirt. This fashion appeared in the USA in the 1990s. The advantage of such a shirt is, above all, better air permeability, which makes the skin breathe and sweat less. There are no unsightly spots under the armpits either.

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