Living room armchair create your own personal relaxation area

  • By Lisa Swanson
  • March 5, 2017
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It used to be an inseparable part of a leisure set, appearing in duet with a sofa, today it is a popular solo furniture, which is not only supposed to provide pleasant moments of relaxation, but also to be an attractive, unique and beautiful element of the living room arrangement. The armchair – because it is mentioned here – has become a desired piece of equipment, the choice of which we pay as much attention to, as we do to the choice of other furniture. Collezione Gala suggests what to look out for in order to choose well.
Beautiful armchair gives the interior character
The armchair diversifies the interior, introduces a revitalising breeze into it, warms its atmosphere and gives it an individual character. Some people say that the armchair should be in the same type of upholstery as the sofa, others quite the contrary – that it may differ, but it should fit the whole. In fact, the chair should first of all please you and fit your sense of aesthetics.
If you choose a chair in the same colour as a sofa or corner, you can give the interior harmony and order. If you decide on different colors and textures of the upholstery, you will make it a dominant element, which can be a fancy “dot over i”, attracting attention right from the entrance. The same chair will take on a completely different character in natural leather and fabric upholstery, in subdued colours and in vividness. As the research carried out by Gala Collezione in 2017 shows, Poles are more and more willing to buy armchairs, thanks to which they can express their artistic, colouristic expression. Reaching for fabric upholstered armchairs, they increasingly choose vivid, saturated and often different colours than a sofa bed.
If they choose a leather chair, they are happy to opt for classic black, neutral beige and gray, and raw white.
Depending on your preferred style, you can choose between modern (e.g. MODERN chairs such as Zing), classic (e.g. CLASSIC chairs such as Dim), enriched with modern technical solutions (e.g. SMART chairs such as Res) or semi-leisure (e.g. ENJOY chairs such as Lord) models.
To the living room or other room?
The basic function of the armchair is to guarantee a comfortable rest for the user, both during a coffee chat with friends, reading favorite books, watching an interesting film on television, or an afternoon nap. The armchair will be perfect in a large, spacious living room as a complement to a sofa or corner, creating a cozy relaxing corner with them. It will be an excellent piece of solo furniture in the living room, where you will relax alone, giving yourself to your favourite activities. It will also fit in the bedroom, where it will create a quiet corner for you, allowing you to mute before bed or feed or sway the youngest members of the household.
What does the chair mean?
Modern armchairs are not only a beautiful form and stylish design, thanks to which you will significantly diversify the arrangement of your living room. They are also clever functional solutions, guaranteeing effective rest, ergonomic position of the body and full satisfaction with the use of this furniture. Seats with a relaxing function (e.g. Inari, Frida, Tom or Arosa) allow you to adjust the angle of the backrest and footrest without having to stand up from the furniture. They are disassembled manually (by their own muscles) or electrically by means of sensors.
For an even more ergonomic body position, in addition to the excellent profile, the seats are equipped with comfortable headrests – for example, movable headrests with gradual adjustment of the angle of inclination (e.g. on the Sorizo model) or folded in (e.g. on the Zing ears chair), which provide comfortable support for the neck and head. Properly shaped armrests provide comfortable support for hands, movable footrests – relief for tired legs and a chance to improve blood circulation, and a deep seat and appropriate angle of inclination of the backrest – relief for the spine and a guarantee of well-being.
A long life for the chair
The quality of upholstery fabric or natural leather, good quality filling (highly elastic and/or polyurethane foams and corrugated springs), strong and durable frame, solid base – all this guarantees a long life of the furniture, its elasticity, flexibility and preservation of its original, beautiful shape.
Choose a comfortable armchair for your living room

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