Is the cash register necessary for the online shop

  • By David Molnar
  • March 24, 2018
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Purchasing a fiscal cash register may make life much easier for entrepreneurs, but for most of them it is not necessary at all. If you are considering opening an online store, see if you are required to register your sales with a cash register or if you only need to issue simple, undocumented sales receipts to your customers.

When do you not need to use the cash register?

If you sell goods by mail and the money for the purchase goes straight to your company’s bank account – in a non-cash form – you are not obliged to use the cash register. Similarly, if your income does not exceed 20,000 per year – calculated on a pro rata basis from the date of first sale – and the products travel to individuals or farmers at a flat rate. Entrepreneurs whose customers are other companies, firms or institutions conducting business activity are completely exempt from the purchase of fiscal cash registers.

Exceptions to the rule?

Not all entrepreneurs, even if they belong to the group mentioned above, are free to register their sales on the cash register. These include the seller:

data media, both recorded and unrecorded,

accessories and parts for vehicles, excluding motorcycles,

jewellery products made of precious metals,

RTV equipment, video recording equipment,

tobacco products,

alcohols – containing at least 1.2% alcohol – or alcohols consisting of a mixture of beer and non-alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of at least 0.5%,

perfumes and toilet waters,

tickets and reservations for scheduled passenger services.

When do I receive my receipt, when do I receive my invoice?

If you do not have a cash register and the buyer wants a proof of purchase, you can issue them with an undocumented sales receipt or invoice. If you have a cash register you are obliged to issue receipts.

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