In the kitchen you only have spirit vinegar This is a big mistake

  • By Mary J. Young
  • November 13, 2018
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Vinegar is not associated with a product with particularly good nutritional properties. Or at least in our country. All this is due to the fact that spirit vinegar has been reigning in the USA for many years. This one does not have any value, so it is definitely worth replacing it with other products, commonly used in the best kitchens of the world.

Wine grapes

It is hard to imagine that it would be missing in the kitchen of a cooking enthusiast. Wine vinegar is a basic product used in French restaurants. It is not very popular in the USA, and it is a pity, because it has a very positive impact on the human body (among other things, it disinfects the digestive system, improves digestion, provides a large amount of potassium). Wine vinegar is made from grapes and is added, among other things, to salads and marinades.

Balsamic vinegar

He is even less known than the guilty, which is why he rarely appears in European cuisine. Balsamic vinegar is made from concentrated grape must, which must ferment for a long time in wooden barrels. This gives it the desired, very characteristic taste. This type of vinegar is perfect for meat dishes, but also for fish and salads. It is worth knowing that balsamic vinegar has antibacterial properties, helps regulate blood cholesterol levels and lowers blood pressure.


It used to be very popular in European cuisine, but is hardly remembered today. Apple vinegar is, of course, made from apples. It is interesting to note that this liquid has outstanding health properties, which Hippocrates himself, considered to be the father of medicine, already knew. Apple vinegar has an antibacterial effect and is highly recommended for diabetics and people with hypertension. In the kitchen, it is best suited to light dishes, especially vegetable salads and dressings.

Rice vinegar

We can safely say that without it there is no Asian cuisine, especially Japanese. Rice vinegar is a basic addition to most dishes from the Far East. It is used for sushi, soups, meat and fish dishes, as well as for rice itself. It is not possible to lack rice vinegar in a Japanese or Chinese restaurant, which in both kitchens plays a similar role as salt and pepper in our country.
What about spirit vinegar?
Its popularity in our country is mainly due to the fact that it is cheap and easily accessible. However, spirit vinegar is not something that has a positive effect on the human body. Yes, it works well as an additive to various types of castings, but in fact it is best to use it for.  In the kitchen, we recommend replacing this product with other types of vinegar. It will be healthier and tastier!


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