Hummus delicacy from the Middle East which you should include in your diet

  • By Frank Marquardt
  • April 30, 2018
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Oriental tastes and smells have something to offer. Drawing on traditional Middle Eastern dishes, it is worth noting that most of them have excellent nutritional and health properties. An ideal example is hummus. The taste of tourists, Egyptians or Lebanese, among others, is not particularly popular in our country, and it is a pity, because it is a product that is definitely worth including in your diet. Learn about its features.
What is hummus?
Hummus is a paste prepared from chickpea. After cooking and fine grinding, sesame paste or grain sesame, olive oil, garlic and salt are added. Other types of hummus are also found, such as pepper, tomato or lemon juice.
Hummus is already available in our country without any problems. However, you have to be careful about products that only have a name in common with this dish. The cheapest hummus contains a lot of preservatives, and the chickpea content does not exceed 50%. Such products are not worth buying.
When choosing the hummus in the store, it is important to read the line-up. The shorter, the better. Ideally, the product should contain only the ingredients listed above.
You can of course also prepare the hummus yourself. It is very simple, and a home blender will be helpful here. You’ll find plenty of recipes for delicious hummus on the web in just a few minutes.
Characteristics of hummus
Apart from the fact that it is very tasty, it also has a good effect on the human body. First of all, it contains a lot of vitamins, including A, E, B12 and K1, chickpeas containing large amounts of fiber, which guarantees a long feeling of satiety after a meal. That is why hummus can be recommended for all people on a reduction and detoxification diet.
Hummus is also a treasury of minerals, including calcium and copper, as well as zinc and potassium. Moreover, the sesame contained in the paste has an antioxidant effect, which means that it inactivates free radicals: one of the main cancer factors.
How to eat?
Hummus tastes best with traditional Middle Eastern bread, or wheat pancake. However, it can also be used to lubricate “our” bread. It is a great addition to sandwiches. It is also ideal in the form of a party dip in which you can immerse crackers or toasts.

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