How to choose a men’s jacket Guidebook for a trendy guy

  • By Mary J. Young
  • November 4, 2017
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A well-chosen jacket is a serious attribute of men’s superficiality. He adds a class guy, emphasizes his silhouette (and corrects minor shortcomings), allows him to feel confident in any situation. It is also an extremely versatile garment. The casual jacket will work every day and can be worn even for jeans. However, it turns out that most men have a serious problem with choosing the right size and cut of jacket. In this guide we will explain you the basic principles.
Size of jacket
If you are going to buy a jacket from a chain store, be prepared for bigger problems with selecting this item of clothing. Nets don’t play with sophisticated markings – they only place low-precision S, M, L or XL on tags. This is far too little information.
That’s why we encourage you to buy a jacket at a men’s fashion store. There you can count not only on professional help, but also on a much wider choice and, most of all, a more accurate fit of your clothes to your body. In such shops you will encounter precise size indications, e.g. 176/104, the first number being height, the second being the chest circumference on the inhalation.
Sleeve length
Too short a jacket’s sleeves will make you look caricatured – everyone will get the impression that you have it since Confirmation. Too long is also a poor idea. Such a jacket will be associated with a fall of an older brother or a higher colleague. That’s why the perfect sleeve length is the absolute basis!
The basic principle is that the jacket sleeve should reach to the base of the thumb, the place where the thumb joins the wrist. You can also wear a shirt, and if the shirt ends at the wrist line, the jacket sleeve should be about a centimetre higher.
Navy length
Follow a very simple and effective rule of thumb here. A well-chosen jacket divides a man’s body into two equal parts, counted from the neck to the feet. This usually means that the bottom of the jacket should end at the buttock line, not necessarily cover it (unless you are talking about a suit jacket, in which case the buttocks should be completely covered).
Navy bedding
How do I know if my jacket is right for you? Contrary to appearances, it is not enough to choose a dress in terms of its size. It is often the case that even in theory, a perfect jacket looks bad or distorts its silhouette after it has been worn. Therefore, take your wife, partner or other trusted person with you to the store to assess your appearance objectively.
A well laid jacket cannot bend anywhere, which means that both the flaps and the material on the shoulders, back and buttocks must adhere perfectly to the body. No creases shall be formed. Remember that the jacket should always be measured in a buttoned version, with the silhouette straightened up.
So choosing a jacket isn’t that obvious. Allow yourself some time for this, not buying clothes just because you like the color or cut. The navy is the most important piece of men’s wardrobe and its choices must be approached with full attention.

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