How to choose a good hairdressing salon and not to fall on a mine Note these few details

  • By Mary J. Young
  • November 8, 2016
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A good hairdresser is a great treasure, which probably each of us is looking for. A specialist with imagination and excellent technique will always feel something spectacular on her head, well suited to the character, well-being and beauty of the client. Sometimes, however, we have to use the services of an unknown salon, because for example, we are just on our way out or on holiday. Then you have to be very vigilant. In this guide we suggest you which details a really good hairdresser’s salon gives you.
That is the basis. If you enter a hairdressing salon and your nostrils are immediately struck by the smell of dirty flooring, which is mixed with the smell of the cheapest lacquers and paints, it’s better to immediately turn the back. Yes, hairdressers can be busy, but they should always have time to put their jobs in order.
Approach to the customer
You entered the living room and… nothing happens? Didn’t anyone find it interesting? Could you walk this way and not be caught by anyone? This is a very bad sign of a hairdressing salon, and specifically of its employees. Lack of interest in the customer is a serious drawback. There is no reason to think that your hair stylist will be interested in your hairstyle.
You have already managed to sit on a clean seat. What is happening now? It is important to check if the hairdresser wants to know your expectations, or if he assumes in advance that he knows everything better anyway. Listening is a very important feature of a good hairdresser. If he asks a lot of questions, carefully watches your bands, proposes different solutions, but does not impose any of them, then it is worth to trust him.
Cosmetics, equipment
After entering the salon, discreetly check out the accessories used by hairdressers. If you notice rusty scissors and razors at a discount, start to have serious concerns about the safety of your hair. The same will happen if you use the lowest quality cosmetics in your living room, including paints that you can simply buy in the first better drugstore. After all, you go to a professional salon to benefit from a professional, not amateur, service.
When sitting in the waiting room, check if there are any current fashion and hairdressing magazines at your disposal. If you see a newspaper 2 or 3 years ago, it may mean that hairdressers don’t know the latest trends and don’t develop their skills. Also rate the class of lighting and the general appearance of the living room. Such details can really tell a lot about the quality of the place.

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