How to check if the texts provided by the copywriter are not plagiarized

  • By Virginia McDonald
  • January 22, 2018
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This problem has been present in the copywriting industry for many years and, unfortunately, is increasing. This is the result of the emergence of many people on the market who offer content creation that does not have any predispositions to do so. Most often, they are students, often unemployed, who have heard that they can earn a lot from writing various texts for companies. If you use such a person, you are very likely to receive content that is plagiarism. How do I check it? Read our guide.
First go for reason to the head
You are looking for someone to write you professional texts on the site or to run a corporate blog. The bids were submitted by 5 companies. One wants 1000 USD for a comprehensive service, the other 800 USD, the third 600 USD, the fourth 450 USD and the fifth 50 USD for a comprehensive service. Do you really have the courage to choose the latter?
The suspicion of a low price for copywriting services is ALWAYS due to one of these three things:
Copywriter is an amateur and only earns a salary, allowance or 500+.
and only earns a salary, allowance or 500+ Copywriter does not have many orders and agrees to work at a hungry rate
and agrees to work for the hungry rate Copywriter is a fraudster who simply copies texts from the Internet and thus earns a nice rate for 5 minutes of “work”.
We believe that you are sensible enough for entrepreneurs not to be tempted by an absurdly low price. But if you assume that everything that is cheap is also good, then you expect problems.
Find out more about the text from Google
This is the simplest way to reveal plagiarism. Simply copy a few fragments and paste them into your search engine. If Google refers you to specific sites where very similar or even the same texts have been published, you already know that you have been cheated and that the copywriter has simply copied someone’s property. Immediately stop working with him and warn your friends about him.
Go to the competition website
The cleverer copywriters have already “wiped out” themselves quite well, and instead of perfidiously copying someone’s texts, they simply use them as a basis. Such a plagiarism is difficult to detect, but it can be dealt with. Think about where the copywriter could get his inspiration from. Visit our competitors’ websites and make sure that the texts published there are not misleadingly similar to the ones you received.
Why can’t you publish plagiarism?
For a simple reason: because you, and not the copywriter, will be responsible for it – even legal. Plagiarism is simply the theft of someone’s intellectual property, which is considered a crime under American law. In addition, if a company determines that you are using text that has been copied from its website, it can report the fact to Google, which often results in the removal of the “thief” site from the index. It is therefore not worth risking it.

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