How to behave in a British pub A guide for cultural beer lovers

  • By Frank Marquardt
  • March 7, 2018
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To be in the Islands and not to visit a traditional pub? Such a trip can be considered as lost right away! Pubs are very important places for British people. Some even prefer them over churches. In pubs you spend afternoons, eat Sunday dinners, celebrate and even celebrate Christmas. The British take pubs very seriously, to the extent that they comply with basic standards and customs. It is worth getting to know them in order not to make a bad faux pax.
In British pubs there are very few waitresses or waitresses. This is more frequent in those tabernacles that also serve food. In general, however, self-service applies. Come to the pub to take care of the table and then go to the bar where the waiter will serve you. Wait patiently for your turn!
Never whistle at the waiter
Such behaviour, which is acceptable in our country, the United Kingdom, is the pinnacle of rudeness. You have to live well with the bartender, that is why you have to show him respect and keep at least a minimum culture. No whistling, screaming, rushing or barbecuing is an option. If you do this, you will either be banned from the pub or the barman will ostentatiously ignore you.
A locked bar is sacred.
British pubs are relatively short open because they open in the morning. The traditional closing time is 23, with pubs working until midnight in exceptional cases. Bartender always lets the guests know that it is time to place the last order – in traditional tabernacles it is announced by a bell. Then you should order a beer or a drink in the knowledge that you will have to go home in a maximum of one hour. It makes no sense to insist, to ask for “one more”, and it will certainly be wrongly received by other guests.
Are you sitting in a British pub? Maybe he orders everyone to stand in line. If you go to such a place with friends, even those you have known for an hour, you can’t come back from the beer bar for yourself. Queuing is a tradition that should not be broken.
Remember these basic rules, as this will certainly be useful when you visit a British pub, especially a traditional one. Remember that for the British, pubs are more than just places to drink. In many towns these are even real social and cultural centres. Respect this.

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