How to apply a shade to your eyebrows

  • By Mary J. Young
  • October 23, 2018
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How do I shade my eyebrows?

Brow styling is increasingly being considered because women who take great care of themselves know that no make up is complete without properly maintained and aesthetically pleasing eyebrows. This is because they are to “open the eye” and introduce a perfect symmetry for the face.

Eyebrows cosmetics

So if we lack in our home beautician such a product as eyebrow shadows, we should change it as soon as possible. Well, it will be good to buy them separately or to decide to buy a complete set for eyes and eyebrows. A toothbrush crayon or special marker will allow you to brush your eyebrows and maintain their ideal symmetrical line all day long. It is also worth using special conditioners to refresh your eyebrows and give them a healthy look. However, when it comes to eyebrows’ shadows, they have become popular only recently. They have gained popularity thanks to the fact that the Oriflame brand promotes complex makeup, including eyebrows. Therefore, it is worth knowing,
how to apply a shadow to the eyebrows, so that with the use of the aforementioned elements it gives perfect results. Once you have carved your eyelashes and painted your eyelids, use the right shade.

What do I need to know about eyebrow shadows?

The most important thing is that the shade you choose for your eyebrows is not darker than the colour of your hair. In addition, you need to know that eyebrow shadows are best applied with a diagonal brush. You should also brush your eyebrows before applying the shade. Apply shadows very carefully, without going beyond the eyebrow line. This cosmetic is perfect for natural eyebrows elongation, but of course you should know how to apply it well. Therefore, it is worth to browse the available pallets in order to easily find something we like the most and it will work in case of our eyebrows. The more we take care of ourselves, the more satisfied we will be with how we look and how the whole makeup looks. The more often you apply shadows to your eyebrows, the more skilled you will be in your work.


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