Holidays are conducive to intimate infections How to protect yourself against them

  • By Virginia McDonald
  • September 11, 2018
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Summer, beautiful weather, hotel pool, warm sea. The ideal of blissful rest. However, not all of us are aware of the fact that it is during holidays that the female body is particularly exposed to intimate infections. This is fostered by our behaviour, which is not always reasonable, and by external factors. Read our article and find out how to minimize the risk of an unpleasant infection during your holiday.
Let your body breathe!
This is the basis, so when you are on holiday, especially in hot climates, try to wear only airy dresses or cotton trousers. Don’t use tight jeans and underwear made of artificial materials. Proper air circulation effectively protects your genital tract from infection.
A towel? For oneself only
An innocent cause of an intimate infection during your holiday may be the use of a single towel “per company”. Never do this. If towels are provided by the hotel, ask for their daily replacement and absolutely do not lend your towel to a partner or, even more so, to a stranger who wants to “just” wipe his hands off.
Change the bottom of the swimsuit when leaving the pool/sea
Few of us do this, and this is one of the simple ways to avoid an intimate infection. Of course, your dress will dry quickly in a hot climate, but in the meantime, your genital tract will come into contact with moisture, bacteria and other contaminants that have already nested at the bottom of the bikini. That’s why we encourage you: take a few swimsuits with you for your holidays and change at least the bottom immediately after you leave the water.
Hygiene in particular
During your holidays, you will enjoy the hotel’s toilet facilities, as well as probably adventurous toilets in restaurants or bars. We don’t have to convince you that their purity can leave much to be desired. Therefore, try to wash “these” areas as much as possible after each use of the toilet – use intimate cleaner.
Use less tampons
If you have missed your period during your holiday, it’s safer for you to use classic sanitary towels. Leave your tampons only for special occasions, such as swimming in a swimming pool or in the sea.
Take care of casual sex!
Are you a single? When on holiday in a beautiful place, you can easily be carried away by your emotions. A intoxicating night with handsome strangers is nothing wrong, but provided that you have taken reasonable care of your safety. Write straight: no condom or move! Casual sex can end very unpleasantly and it is not only about an increased risk of intimate infection.

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