Holiday internship ideal solution for ambitious student and not only

  • By Virginia McDonald
  • September 4, 2018
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Holidays are associated with the time of labs, which is particularly popular among students. However, not everyone is following suit. More and more young people are serious about their professional future and are taking advantage of the learning break to gain experience. This is made possible, for example, by summer internships. Where and when do you start to look for them? What should I do? Read our guide.
Compulsory practices
This is a special category of internships that students or students need to complete in order to pass a course. This usually applies to technical majors, but also to pedagogical majors. Therefore, young people have to go for internships (usually two weeks), during which they will confront the acquired knowledge with the reality of the industry. Sometimes it is the school or university that indicates the place of the internship to the learner (by agreement with specific companies).
Optional practices
They are held by students or students who are ambitious and want to gain professional experience on their own. Many companies are looking for people to practice because it makes it easier for entrepreneurs to access the most talented employees.
Where can I find internships?
The Internet, of course, is helping. Companies interested in hosting apprentices often advertise this on job portals or on their websites.
You can also apply for a paid internship from the Job Centre. Here, however, internships are most often offered to young people with specific skills, in particular to students of technical and vocational schools.
You can also ask for internships on your own, simply by calling and emailing companies operating in an interesting young person in the industry. The chance that the company will invite a candidate for an internship is relatively high, especially during the holiday season, when the productivity in companies decreases due to holidays.
Which practices should you look for?
The best ones are those that are directly related to your field of study. However, this is not necessary. You can practice in any company if you are interested in its business profile. It is also important when choosing an apprenticeship whether the company will offer the apprentice a payment – but this is not common.
Why is it worth it?
First of all, because the internships enable the first contact with the labour market to be made. It is often the case that a student, after leaving the walls of a university, has nothing but a diploma in his pocket. It is not attractive for employers because they value people with specific professional experience more.

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