Furniture feet in every home

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  • March 10, 2021
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Furniture feet belong to a group of furniture articles which are addressed to people dealing with woodwork or DIY. But they can also be addressed to practically every person who wants to buy/assemble a particular piece of furniture. They are versatile because apart from the fact that their name refers to tables, they are also used for other furniture such as smaller tables or even chests of drawers and pouffes. They are responsible for maintaining stability and comfort for the user. No one could possibly imagine relaxing on a wobbly armchair or eating a meal on a moving table. Unfortunately, their existence is often forgotten, yet they are so important.

Construction or design?

Featherweight feet made of plastic and other plastics are very often proposed for everyday use. This type also includes metal alloys such as aluminium, copper or zinc. At first glance, they shine, which makes them popular with people who value appearance in addition to functionality.
The opposite type of feet are special steel feet which are used for more responsible tasks. This is because they can hold a weight of over 100kg, which makes them the perfect solution for stabilising heavy, massive furniture. This eliminates the risk of damage, breakage or cracking of various structures.

Cabinet legs – Furnica

Practical elements

What if you no longer like a piece of furniture. Is it removed along with all its accessories, including furniture legs? Nothing could be further from the truth. There are special adjustable legs on the market that allow you to control the height in a given range, so they can get a second life helping other furniture in your environment.


To assemble the legs, structures such as screws, glues and clips are used. In situations where the structure of the furniture cannot be damaged, adhesives can be used. On the other hand, when stabilisation is crucial, it is recommended to use strong screws that will ensure the desired effect.
The DIY enthusiast’s shopping list should also include furniture pads – plastic, felt or rubber. They mainly provide protection against damage during transport of furniture from place A to place B. They are relatively cheap, and the most popular are self-adhesive felt pads.

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