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  • By Virginia McDonald
  • December 13, 2017
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If you are an insurance agent you must take care of your image and the satisfaction of your customer. And as you know, gifts work best. That’s why you should surround yourself with nice items, and you should always have a few gadgets in your briefcase that you give your customers.


Everyone whose main task is to sign contracts should have a whole pile of pens in their portfolio. And the more professional the company is, the better the quality of the pens should be. A sales representative selling mayonnaise may give his customer a plastic pen with the company’s logo to sign the invoice, but the insurance agent should definitely not use cheap, ugly items. After all, everything you surround yourself with is your business card. After signing the contract, you can give such a pen to your customer, necessarily so that the engraver of your company is on it, it will be a nice gift, and at the same time a good advertisement. Many patterns of elegant pens that make up an advertising gadget can be found here.


As an agent you can’t afford to write on small yellow cards. Your folder should contain notebooks printed with your company logo and contact details. First of all, such a notebook in front of the customer looks professional and aesthetic, and most importantly, it is less likely to lose such a notebook. Small, yellow, self-adhesive cards are used everywhere, and the information written on them once is forgotten. And your customer will certainly be happy to receive such a notebook from you.

Notebook Calendar

An everyday thing for you and a great gift for your customer. A calendar with your company’s logo, in which you will save the entire schedule of your work and meetings with customers, will be the most important subject for you at work. And your customer will certainly enjoy the gift, in which he will be able to save the most important things, and in addition, on the first page he will find your data, which he will quickly find if necessary.

Wall-mounted calendar

The most popular gift you can make to your customers. Most importantly, it is very practical and accepted, and in addition it is the best advertisement of your company. He will remember himself every day hanging on the wall and when your customer’s insurance period ends, you will certainly be the first person he will contact.

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