Feeders guys who are morbidly craving for fluffy women

  • By Frank Marquardt
  • March 26, 2018
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It is not true that men like only thin women with ideal shapes. There is a very large group of men who take great pleasure in admiring the fat from their partners. This is as normal as possible and if you like a woman’s puffy, you don’t have to worry about anything. Worse still, the sight of exaggerated curves turns into a pathological fascination. Then we are talking about a mental disorder, and male sexologists are calling it ‘feeders’.

Who are feeders?

These are men who can only be satisfied sexually by dealing with an obese woman. We are not talking here about light overweight or typical imperfections of the figure. For a feeder, only a woman wearing a very large size is really attractive.

Theoretically, there is nothing wrong with this. In reality, however, feeders can go very far, as long as they only bring their partner to a state of obesity. They constantly serve food, persuade to eat very fatty dishes and sweets, and enjoy watching their partner literally push.

It is not healthy.

According to sexologists, the problem with feeders is that they do not want to enjoy the sight of a woman’s carcass. In fact, they want to take mental control of their partner. The point is that an obese woman feels bad in her body, she has complexes, she is not admired (because she does not fit into the canon of beauty). “The “feeder” gives her what is most important to her: acceptance combined with worship.

This creates a toxic compound. An obese woman is afraid to leave her partner because she suspects that no one else will. “Feeder” ruthlessly uses this, makes the partner dependent on each other, can freely control her, and additionally instigates her complexes encouraging her to continue to live.

In the long run, living in such a relationship is very devastating. Both mentally and physically. There are limits to obesity, but the feeder doesn’t see them, it doesn’t have any inhibitions. A partner is never thick enough and further weight gain will have a fatal effect on her health. Obesity is conducive to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, joint and spinal degeneration.

What to do?

If you have noticed an exaggerated fascination with Rubenish shapes and you start to manipulate your partner, this is the right time to ask for help. “Feeding” is a dangerous form of fetishism that can be controlled by a sexologist and a psychologist. The most important thing is to be aware of the problem and to take up treatment. Otherwise, you will never create a lasting, happy relationship.

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