Drawer runners – are they only made for drawers?

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  • May 15, 2021
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The first thought that comes to mind about slides is drawer slides. This is partly a good thing because they are the most common group found in any drawer. Without them it would be impossible for that piece of furniture to function, causing a lot of hassle and frustration. They ensure that drawers move smoothly towards the opener making it easy to pull items from inside the drawer. However, there are also table runners on the market – not everyone knows about them, but it is a very interesting tool.

Extending table

This is a very practical solution chosen mainly in the situation of a large family or frequent visits of guests. In small flats, there is little room for a large, standing table. With help come table runners, which allow you to freely move the table up and down in succession, increasing and decreasing its size. A small table that doesn’t take up most of the room is enough for everyday use, but for holidays or other celebrations it can be a problem. Then the option to extend the table becomes a great alternative.
Table runners are sophisticated furniture fittings that, when properly fitted, will provide table top extensibility.

They are divided into two subgroups:

-Synchronised slides – the table unfolds simultaneously from one side and the other
Non-synchronised runners – the table extends first on one side and then the other.
Before choosing a slide you should consider its length and maximum load in order to choose the right one.
Split frame runners are also available in furniture shops – you pull apart both the table tops and the table frame while increasing the leg spacing.

Classic runners

Of course, there are also classic drawer slides on the market. These are divided into the most popular categories:

Ball bearing slides – the most durable characterised by a load capacity of up to 100kg, steel constructions often equipped with Tip-on functions
-Roller guides – less durable (20-25kg load rating), easy to fit and cheaper.
– Bottom-mounted runners – used when you want to hide the runner under the bottom of the drawer, making it invisible

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