Do sportsmen and sportswomen have to take dietary supplements

  • By Frank Marquardt
  • November 29, 2017
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Physical activity has become very fashionable, which is obviously a positive trend. More and more people are starting to practice sports, including running, cycling, rollerblading, Nordic Walking, swimming, gymnastics. The result is not only a reduction in body weight, but also a significant burden on the body, which has an increased demand for proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. It is necessary to supplement them, however, it is not always possible to do so on the basis of an ordinary diet. If this is the case, supplementation is useful. When is it even necessary? Read.

Can diet itself satisfy the needs of an athlete’s body?

Yes, but it requires a very meticulous keeping to the menu, which is difficult, if not impossible. Let us remember that in the case of active people practicing professional and amateur sport, not only the content of meals, but also the frequency of their taking is of key importance.

If sport is not your only form of activity, because you work, take care of the house, play with children and meet friends, then the dietary regime can be very difficult for you. There will certainly be situations where you simply forget to eat a balanced meal or do not have the time to do so. Then the body will have a deficiency of essential nutrients.

In addition, the problem for athletes is that after a meal the willingness to exercise decreases. If you have a rich protein carbohydrate meal in front of the gym, you may complain about intestinal problems even if you have to exercise. There will be colic, abdominal pain, and the need to go to the toilet. This is not conducive to intensive exercise.

Dietary supplements to help athletes

The reasons described are the main motivation for reaching for dietary supplements. It is a comfortable and safe form of supplementing protein, carbohydrate and vitamin deficiencies in the body. Provided, of course, that a supplementation plan has been drawn up by a specialist, preferably a doctor.

Protein and carbohydrate supplements are particularly popular among active people. They add energy, eliminate the fatigue effect and speed up the building of muscle tissue at the expense of fat tissue. Accepting them is beneficial for everyone who wants to achieve the best possible training results.

The advantage of supplements is that they are much better and faster absorbed by the body. At the same time, they do not burden the stomach and intestines so much. They can be taken under virtually any conditions, even just before training.

Remember, however, that supplements can absolutely replace food. They should only be a supplement to your diet and save you when you are unable to make up for nutritional deficiencies through a normal meal.

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