Cosmetic Packaging

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  • December 25, 2019
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The production of cosmetic packaging requires the use of special technologies as well as specific materials. Cosmetic packaging can be made only from materials that comply with the standards of the cosmetic industry.
Production of cosmetic packaging is the responsibility of American companies as well as foreign companies. They are able to offer a wide range of products that can later be used by renowned cosmetic companies all over the world.
What types of cosmetic packaging are produced by their manufacturers?
Companies that produce cosmetic packaging offer not only packaging for different perfumeries, but also for so-called white cosmetics. Perfume packages are all kinds of containers for men’s and women’s perfume, cologne or after-shave water. Manufacturers of cosmetic packaging ensure that they are made with selected and approved materials, as well as glass of excellent quality. Packaging for perfume takes the form of various shapes, and the whole consists generally of push-ups, atomizers or caps. As regards packaging for creams, they are usually made of materials such as polypropylene or surlyn. Thanks to this, they are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage. Packaging of this type is often made with the use of modern techniques. One of such techniques is the so-called hot-stamping method. You can also use the method of vacuum metallization, or UV varnishing. Thanks to this it is possible to decorate not only bottles, for example shower gels, but also jars for anti-wrinkle creams. Orders for this type of decoration are placed directly from the manufacturer. They can be both business customers, as well as companies that cooperate with manufacturers of cosmetic packaging.
Thanks to a very wide spectrum of activities, the producers of cosmetic packaging can realize not only standard but also individual orders. In such a company, it will also be possible to carry out proper varnishing, which is selected according to the target cosmetic products.

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