Convenience and functionality of your drawers

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  • August 15, 2021
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Furniture accessories should make it easier to use certain pieces of furniture, so that maximum comfort can be achieved. Designers think about how best to personalise certain elements and make their purchase a real “must havem” for everyone. An example of such a solution will be the discussed furniture slides, which are a very interesting addition to drawers. Its main task will be to pull out a drawer together with its interior from the built-in area, making it possible to see the whole interior of the drawer and pull out a particular item without too much physical effort. Thanks to the latest technological innovations, slides have interesting additional features such as full extension so that even items hidden at the very ends can be pulled out with ease.

Key features of furniture slides

Furniture slides also have other interesting options that are worth paying special attention to. The next item is the push to open option, thanks to which you can forget about cumbersome handles, which constantly get dirty or broken. It is enough just to press the surface of the drawer for the runner to receive an impulse to start – the drawer will pull out completely on its own, which makes its use possible even with both hands occupied!
Another interesting solution is the self-closing function, which with the addition of a soft-closing function provides maximum comfort when using cabinets. No more slamming sound for everyone in the house. Self-closing means that the drawer brakes and closes quietly, even if too much force is applied to the drawer to close it. It may be possible to use the kitchen at different times of the day and night without inconveniencing roommates or family.
Full extension drawer runners, which was mentioned briefly in the past, is making waves – the items at the end of the drawers can be accessed “out of the box”. This is especially appreciated by companies of all kinds and even pharmacies, whose long drawers hide medicine boxes from the beginning to the very end of the drawer.


A furniture slide is an item that is valued by everyone who already has one. No one has been unhappy with its purchase and installation, so it’s worth getting one now. If you don’t want to spoil the look of your cabinet, there are even special bottom-mounted runners available. This way, nobody will notice the silver protruding from the side and the class and elegance of the room will not be compromised.

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