Competition in the telecommunications market is growing Operators compete on the quality of services

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  • December 14, 2019
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The telecommunications market is becoming increasingly competitive. Cable, mobile, fixed and satellite operators offer similar packages. However, they can be distinguished by the quality of services, their greater accessibility and wider coverage. One of the operators, UPC, promises to double the network coverage. In the next few years, it will invest several billion USD in the next few years and wants to reach 6 million households. The operator is also developing a network of sales and service outlets.
– The telecommunications market is currently undergoing the greatest dynamics of changes in history,” stresses, sales director and UPC USA board member, in an interview.
Competition on the market is also higher. Not only cable operators, but also mobile, stationary and satellite operators, which offer similar product packages, compete for customers. In order to attract new customers, you need to stand out. Not only in terms of price.
– The strategy of price differentiation does not lead to an increase in the company’s value. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish oneself by the value of the product we offer to the customer – convinces. – We have nearly 1.5 million customers in our network. We analyze how their expectations change, including those of our competitors, and on the basis of this we build our offer,” he explains.
As emphasizes, customer trust can be won through top quality services. UPC offers television with 170 channels, including over 90 HD, fast Internet (the fastest Internet according to SpeedTest tests) and digital services, such as mobile TV Horizon Go or access to about 9,000 items in two libraries on demand.
– An important element of our strategy is to increase our reach. In the USA, we offer our services to over 20% of households, but we have ambitions to have more of them. This also allows us to achieve economies of scale in order to invest more in innovations and new products for our customers,” says a representative of UPC USA.
The Liberty Global Group, of which UPC is a part, announces billions of investments, which in the next few years will contribute to doubling the network’s reach, including in new locations.
– On the American telecommunications market, we are faced with a situation in which the differences between sales channels are blurring. The customer chooses services after a prior analysis of the offer via the Internet or first visits the showrooms, watches the product, chooses the offer and then makes a purchase by phone or on the website – explains.
The UPC representative points out that in order to be as close to the customer as possible, the operator wants to use all available channels. It is also an element of offering a higher value to the customer. He adds that although it is the customer who chooses the way of contact, it is necessary to provide him with all possible channels at his fingertips. That is why UPC is also developing new points of sale, which can be a distinguishing feature on the market.
– In the next two years we will open 20 new stores. This is related to the territorial development of our services. We are opening our reach in new cities, therefore an important element is the appearance of a service and sales showroom. We invest in teleshopping and telephone service technology and develop the functionality of our website. Later this year, a new application for smartphones and tablets will be launched,” announces.

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