CAE what is it and whether it is worth to do

  • By Virginia McDonald
  • February 4, 2018
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English is undoubtedly a necessary language in this day and age. Whether we love travelling abroad or working for an international company, we should know him. It is also good to certify this knowledge with appropriate certificates.

Certificate in Advanced English

Many people choose Cambridge English Advanced, a certification exam that certifies that they have an advanced level of English proficiency. He is known all over the world, mainly because his opinion is recognised in many institutions. We can use it, among other things, for our work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It also has many advantages for students. Those who have passed the exam are exempt from English classes and it is easier for them to take part in international exchanges. Importantly, the exam is valid for life, so we will not have to repeat it.

Parts of the examination

The CAE is made up of 4 parts. The first one, that is reading, lasts for an hour and a half. We will be asked to fill in the gaps in the text, transform the sentences and choose the right answer. There are also vocabulary tasks awaiting us, as well as the adaptation of questions to the text. In total, this part consists of eight elements. Then we move on to writing. There are only two commands waiting for us here, both of which relate to the creation of the text. They must each have at least 220 words. The listening time is shorter than in the previous stages, only 40 minutes. This includes filling in gaps and indicating the correct answer to the text you are listening to. In contrast to the other parts, which we take individually, the speech examination takes place in pairs. First we talk to the examiner, then the people coming to the CAE talk to each other. One of the tasks also applies to the conversation about the presented photographs.

Examinations are held several times a year and dates are set by Cambridge English.

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