Cable grommet

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  • July 15, 2021
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It is a component which allows the cable to pass through the housing of the electrical appliance in question or the wall in the room. Its task is to properly, securely seal the cable, in order to protect it from damage that occurs when the material is used, which can occur if the cable is constantly bent, moved or rubbed. Cable grommets prevent the cable from being pulled out of its housing.


There are currently many types of cable grommets on the market, commonly referred to as chokes. Each of them stands out with something unique allowing for a comprehensive choice.

– Split and reduction chokes – thanks to them you can introduce cabling in case you do not want to disconnect the whole installation. In its construction, the pillar is an appropriate protection which prevents the conductors from breaking. Additionally, a spiral protection may be used, which protects against damage to the cable in the case of continuous bending. They are made of chloroprene rubber, among others, which additionally provides protection.

– Chokes for difficult operating conditions – used in the case of places highly exposed to chemical compounds, explosive mixtures. They are made of a special material – non-sparking nickel-plated brass. They provide protection in a wide temperature range; from -20 to even 95°C.

– Guide rails – for installation in existing enclosures.

-Flange frames – used primarily to protect spiral hoses. They allow virtually the entire floor area of the enclosure to be used for cable entry.


When choosing chokes it is a very good idea to equip them with additional accessories. For example sealing washers to further protect the whole structure from damage. They are inserted between the pressure ring and the pressure sleeve.
If you have problems with tightness, sealant putty is a good choice, as it retains full flexibility.
There are also protective plates on the market to seal cable entries before the cable itself is installed.


The purpose of a cable gland is to provide tightness and protection against mechanical damage. They are usually made of rubber, plastics, or metal. There are many types on the market, allowing you to choose the right one.

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