Better juice or fruit and vegetable in its entirety

  • By Frank Marquardt
  • May 11, 2018
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Drinking juices brings us completely different possibilities than eating fruit and vegetables in their entirety. We prefer to choose juices because we can find interesting combinations of various products. In addition, a glass of such a drink will contain much more raw material than we are able to consume, in its original form. Does this mean that, of the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, all can be replaced by a glass of juice? Not necessarily, but let us see why the form in which the fruit and vegetables are served is important.
Full value juices
The basic difference between juices and vegetables and fruit in general is that 1.5-2 kg of carrots will not be taken over at the same time. On the other hand, it is possible to store such a portion of raw material in a glass of juice, and this while still obtaining the desired taste qualities, is a possible task. Carrots are only an example, because every vegetable or fruit in this amount can fit in a few hundred milliliters of juice, which without any problems, but also with the taste. Eating one kilogram of apples, bananas or any other favourite fruit turns into an executioner with each successive bite.
Juices are recommended, because in this form the vitamins, minerals and enzymes delivered to the body need only 15 minutes to reach the bloodstream. Whole vegetables and fruits eaten by us require a few hours to make our body feel that it is using the most valuable values.
If you want to bet on juices to give yourself a vitamin-nourishing bomb, a slow-running fruit and vegetable squeezer ensures that your needs are met.
Whole fruit and vegetables
Juices can, and should, be in our menu. However, let’s consider that they should not replace each of the recommended five portions. One or two glasses of juice a day is enough. When biting various products, especially hard vegetables, our bite is working. For this reason, hard products are recommended mainly for children who are at the development stage and we want to prevent their malocclusions, especially occlusion.
Moreover, even a carrot can cope with our plaque. Of course, it will not replace a visit to a dentist, regular tooth cleaning and specialist tartar removal, but it will certainly help to take care of the oral cavity.
There is one more nuance which prevails in favour of eating mainly fruit in its entirety, and not in its juices. The fruit has a high sugar content. If we are able to drink a lot of juice, we can unfortunately supply the body with too much simple sugars, which in excess do not favour proper functioning of the body, but also affect the accumulation of fat. Since we are unable to eat all of the fruit in excessive quantities, we automatically defend ourselves against too much sugar.
Use moderation and common sense.
The best solution is to replace one of the recommended portions with a glass of juice from your favourite products. Let’s take the rest in a different way and eat it whole, if possible.
Both fruit and vegetables must be eaten in moderation, because although with the help of foodstuffs it is difficult to get hypervitaminosis done, adding to this supplements, which we use quite often, we can unintentionally harm ourselves. Size and common sense in compiling the menu are the basis of a healthy menu.

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