Air circulation at the highest level

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  • October 11, 2021
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Access to fresh air and gas exchange is very important on many levels. However, there are places where the diffusion of air is hindered by various types of obstructions. An example is the interior of furniture, which is usually closed off by a door or a door. Then the objects inside are dependent on one and the same air until the door is opened, which in some cases is very rare. To avoid this, special furniture grilles can be installed for ventilation. This will ensure a free and constant flow of fresh air and the exchange of the old air between the inside of the wardrobe and the outside room will be simple and easy.

Functionality of furniture grilles

Furniture grilles are very functional elements, which can be installed in practically any piece of furniture, making them very versatile and therefore highly valued. The diffusion of air, the direction of which can be different due to different types of grilles, has never been so unproblematic. Ventilation grilles can be installed in various places and in each of them they perfectly pass the test. They are most often placed at the bottom of furniture. An example of furniture in which they can be seen is kitchen cabinets – this is a room in which there is a very high concentration of moisture, therefore air circulation will ensure its exchange and protect the interior of the cabinets against the persistence of moist air. A similar situation can be observed in bathroom doors, which are not equipped with windows. Then such ventilation grilles are literally worth their weight in gold – they make it easy to stay in the bathroom on warm days, and without them this would not be possible. Another example in which they can be used are filing cabinets in many companies. They are full of papers, and their quality can be damaged by keeping them for too long in unfavourable conditions for paper. A furniture grid will take care of this issue and maintain the good quality of securities. Another common solution is to put grilles in wardrobes with clothes, which are also damaged by too much moisture, which can even cause fungus to grow and transfer unpleasant odours to the fabric of the clothes.


If you want to maintain the good quality of the prevailing interior of your locker cabinets a very good solution is to install aluminium ventilation grilles from Furnica. They are created in basic colours, which will perfectly match any furniture colour.

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