7 ways to obtain valuable links to SEO

  • By Virginia McDonald
  • November 8, 2015
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The basis for effective positioning activities is qualitative linking. From the moment the Penguin algorithm is updated, the links coming to the site are controlled in real time, and the linkbuilding based on automated actions no longer has any raison d’ĂŞtre. Poor quality links translate into penalties imposed on the website by Google’s search engine. So linking is an activity we have to pay special attention to – but what do we do to get valuable links to our website? We present a few ideas!


The first idea for the qualitative acquisition of links to our website is to use the websites with reviews available on the Internet. This form of adding opinions on a given subject, which we can construct ourselves and link to, will certainly not be perceived negatively by Google. So we can review the product available on our shop platform, and then invite customers to go to a page where they can buy it, or simply link to a page from which the author of the review “originates”. We may also approach the subject of reviews from a completely different website – ask the owner of another website or blog to review our product. Certainly it is connected with more work, but it also builds credibility of the brand in the eyes of the customer and positively influences not only the position of the website in the search engine, but also its promotion. There is only one condition – the review must include a link to the product or service presented within it.


The subject of cooperation with bloggers in the link building can be used much more widely than just in the scope of constructing reviews. In this case, any creative activity is involved – we can ask the blogger to include an interview with a representative of our company, to write a substantive article together, or to prepare a noteworthy list. The key to success is, of course, to present us as the author and link to the website or shop where we come from. How to persuade someone to cooperate in such a way? Most often, it is simply barter cooperation that turns out to be effective – let’s also link the website where we appeared or simply offer the author something in return, in which we are the ones who specialise. When looking for suitable portals, we should also pay attention to selecting the ones that are the most attractive in Google’s eyes. It will be regularly updated with valuable content of the blog, which has not only many views, but also active users.

Qualitative content on relevant portals

As in the case of building a review, the high effectiveness of the link building makes it possible to create valuable content and publish it on external portals. Therefore, it is a good idea to establish cooperation – e.g. with industry media in the scope of preparing texts for them, not advertising, but substantive, from the area in which we specialize. Once again, the portal itself will play an important role here – issues such as the regularity and value of published content, user activity and internship in the market are important. In addition to the articles themselves, we can also talk about cooperation in the field of publications created by the media, such as our presence in industry reports and reports.

Press releases and infographics

If our industry is dynamic and there is a lot going on in it, we can try to get the media interested in press releases and unusual in their form materials, such as infographics or independently conducted and compiled research results. This is a good way if the industry websites do not want to publish our content or if we are looking for ideas for regular and long-term activities. Remember, however, that the condition of publishing any of our materials will be its uniqueness, content, but also its significance – there is no point in sending press releases about internal corporate events that do not have a global impact on the market in which you operate.


Youtube is not only a portal related to Google, but also an increasingly popular SEO video source. Films posted in it very quickly can gain popularity, and with appropriate optimization they have a chance to appear directly in the search results after entering specific issues to which they relate or the name of our company. It’s also an ideal way to build valuable links – when posting new material we should provide it with a link to our website.

Job vacancies

It may be a bit unexpected source for link building activities – but nothing more misleading. Job offers published on external portals are an ideal opportunity to build a valuable and diversified link structure. The inclusion of the address of our website in the job offer is fully justified, and if the website on which the offer is published is valuable from Google’s point of view, it can only bring us benefits.


The most important links for the activities are: quality and regularity. N

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