5 ideas for an unforgettable and cultural bachelor’s evening

  • By Frank Marquardt
  • January 5, 2018
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The bachelor evenings are very infamous. Rumours and guesses about what the men are doing this night sometimes go beyond the limit of good taste. The premiere of the famous Hollywood film also added three grosz to the list. In fact, nowadays it is rare for a bachelor’s evening to slip out of control. Gentlemen prefer more interesting entertainment and do not want to spend that night in the bar at all. Any inspirations? Discover 5 proven ideas for a truly unforgettable bachelor’s evening.

A quad trip – men do not have to have their own machines at all. They can rent them or simply take advantage of the ready offer of the event company. Quad trips are a great way to spend a weekend with men. Adrenaline, adventure, strong machine between the legs – perfect combination and great idea for the last days of the future spouse’s freedom. SPA Weekend – sounds absurd? Nothing about that. Today’s young men take great care of their image and eagerly use the services of beauticians. A weekend in the SPA can be a great idea for a slightly longer bachelor’s-roll. A decent hotel with an extensive SPA&Wellness area is enough. City break – a weekend trip to one of the European capitals for a few days. It’s a great adventure, a chance to visit a new place and have fun in the best clubs. Particularly popular among young people are Prague, Rome and London. A short city break is not likely to ruin the pockets of the trip participants, provided of course that the men do not exaggerate the fun in trendy premises. Departure for an important match – the last days or weeks before your marriage should be celebrated in a special way. And is there a better idea than going for a super important and extremely attractive football match? If the boys have long been dreaming of seeing Gran Derbi live or Bayern Munich’s battle with Borusia Dortmund, this is a good opportunity. Costs don’t matter – such memories are priceless! Visiting the beer trail – most guys like beer, or at least accept its taste. So it is worth to think about a trip along the trail of famous alcoholic beverages. A good address is e.g. Holland (Heineken’s homeland) or the Czech Republic (there are plenty of great breweries here). A thematic trip with a strong, masculine accent is a really good idea for an original and unforgettable bachelor’s evening.

Taking into account these proposals, one can think that an ordinary party in a club with dancers is the peak of boredom and stunts. Boys – you can afford more!

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