3 hot and modern bathroom trends

  • By Lisa Swanson
  • February 4, 2018
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In recent years, trends in the bathroom have undergone a revolution. The bathroom has become not only a place of relaxation and personal hygiene, but also a representative space. Futuristic styles are creeping into white and wooden tiles and gracious furniture. Which ones?

Bathroom like a cosmic odyssey

Recently, we have observed a tendency to introduce LED panels and mirrors with integrated lighting into the bathroom space, filigree, chrome regulators, spouts and dispensers, and to combine matte and glossy white. As we know, the latter is one of the hottest trends in recent years, both in the case of bathroom furniture and tiles. In order to make the bathroom even more similar to cosmic interiors, one can reach for asymmetrical elements.

Retro again on time

An equally interesting trend is the return in large bathrooms to old forms, refreshed thanks to modern materials, filtered by the sensitivity of contemporary designers. Examples are shower trays and freestanding bathtubs made of acrylic. However, the use of bowl-shaped over-wall washbasins is also fashionable.

Play with light and colour

Light emitting diodes have entered the bathroom arrangement with their backs – serving both as an extravagant decoration, a factor determining the atmosphere of the room, as well as an element consisting of the functionality of other accessories. Available in many (or changing) colors, LED tapes allow you to shape the color of your bathroom in any way you like – regardless of the color of the fixed elements. Due to the compact size of the individual diodes, it is even possible to mount them in the corners of the tiles or along the joint.

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