10 questions to interior designer part 3

  • By Frank Marquardt
  • July 3, 2018
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What are the projects: functional, arrangement and composition of the executive design, whether it is worth renovating the apartment in winter, as well as the latest bedroom trends 2018 – these are many other questions answered by our expert.

1) Can you explain what the projects are: functional, arrangement and composition of the executive design?

A functional project tells you how to manage your apartment. It presents several variants for a given space. E.g. different layout of partition walls, arrangement of furniture, kitchen and bathroom equipment, etc.

The arrangement project describes how an apartment or a house can be developed. Focusing on the customer’s needs, the designer prepares such a project at the very beginning.

The executive design contains a specification of the ordered works and is necessary for proper execution.

It is drawn up in order to determine all the details, such as the completion of orders, equipment and the conduct of construction and assembly works. This project contains a set of technical details for subcontractors. It presents the scope and method of proper execution of all works.

2) We have a projection from the developer with our wife. Do we need an inventory?

Industry projections are carried out in detail and are intended to provide information on all room installations, risers, connections, wall thicknesses, etc.

However, before proceeding to the details of the interior design, the room should be inventoried, i.e. the actual condition of the premises should be checked on the spot. The reality is always a bit different from the project, it is important when designing furniture and bathroom tiles, for example.

3) We plan to renovate the bedroom. What will be fashionable in 2018?

A novelty is definitely the red colour, but it applies only to furniture. In the case of the bedroom, it could be used not in a red upholstered bed, but in accessories such as a chair or a chair. This season, large-format graphics on the walls, wallpapers in graphic patterns will still be very fashionable. Greenery and plants – not necessarily those in pots – will still be a popular motif, e.g. in paintings, photo wallpapers, curtains…

4) Is it worth renovating the apartment in winter – pros and cons.

It is always worth renovating an apartment.

Depending on the size of the renovation, of course. If we are planning a thorough renovation, including the replacement of windows, it will, of course, be more convenient to wait until spring. Winter is a good time to prepare for a major overhaul.

5) Please help me arrange my bedroom. I would like to furnish it in a modern style with broken retro elements. I’m thinking about a grey wall, but I don’t have an idea for furniture or space above the bed. The bedroom is small – 4Ă—2 m. The bed will stand on the right side of the entrance, perpendicular to the window.

In today’s opinion, the retro style is connected with the modern style. Lamps with lampshades, wooden tables on curved legs, vintage wallpaper. If we like the design of the 60s, we will find many new but stylized furniture, which we can integrate into today’s interiors. We can also try to renovate an old piece of furniture by changing its colour, for example. It is also common to combine retro style in one room with another more modern style using, for example, frames for photos or pictures. In small rooms we have to be careful not to exaggerate with a mix of styles. Sometimes, retro-style bedside tables next to an upholstered classic bed and interesting vintage window decoration are enough.

6) We are preparing to renovate the living room. We want it to be a space for the family to watch television together and eat meals, but we also want a bit of intimacy, because we will sleep there. The living room has 20 sqm of space. There is room for a bed and for a possible corner. Question: How can I separate the bedroom area?

This is a subject that interior designers very often encounter.

There are plenty of ways to separate these two zones. It all depends on our imagination and the budget we have. I very much like to separate rooms with glass. Personally, I believe that this is one of the most effective and spectacular methods that can be used. Often in such projects we have to divide the space in such a way that the bedroom is not exposed to daylight. In such a situation, we can use, for example, wooden blinds on the separating glass or very fashionable internal shutters.

7) Will grey walls and white furniture continue to be fashionable in 2018 in the arrangement of the living room, or will it already be passees. We want to get out of the framework a bit, but we are wondering what to base on.

It would be a good idea to have some colour. But more in the form of upholstered furniture, e.g. sofas, armchairs. Grey walls will be as fashionable as possible, white furniture as well. You can easily enliven the living room with curtains, accessories, wallpaper or upholstered furniture. I recommend olive green, mustard and red in small quantities.

8) We dream of black cuisine, but not very much

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